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Mountain Country Propane - Cost Conversion Calculator

Propane often enjoys an economic advantage over electricity, fuel oil and kerosene. Find out if propane can create value in your home by comparing our propane price with the price you pay for other energies.

If the propane price listed below is greater than the current market price for propane, propane will create a greater value on a per BTU basis. Remember to get the facts before choosing a fuel for your needs.

Use this Cost Calculator for comparing propane to other fuels.

Propane Cost Conversion Calculator

  Type of Fuel
  Retail Price Per Unit
   Equivalent cost
of Propane:

Propane Fuel Comparison Calculator

The "Propane Fuel Comparison Calculator will give you the difference between Propane and the selected fuel source. Enter the price of Propane and then enter the price of the other fuel source(s) to see how it compares to Propane in BTUs.
* required Fuel Price Per
Unit (dollars)
Fuel Price Per
Million Btu (Dollars)
Fuel Heat Content
Per Unit (Btu)
( + / - )
Propane* 91,333 Gallon  
Electricity 3,412 KW Hour
Natural Gas 100,000 Therm
Fuel Oil 138,690 Gallon
Kerosene 135,000 Gallon
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